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Myth's from Kokkedal Castle

Occasionally, a carriage is heard driving through the gate. It is the devil's hearse that comes for the Norwegian noblewoman, Karen Galde. According to the myth, she dedicated her life serving the devil and in return she could eat delicacies and gourmet dishes ad libitum. 

Knight Lykke's daughter became pregnant during a lance tournament. In order to avoid dishonouring her family, she was immured alive in the external wall. Several guests have heard her footsteps and the phenomenon is inexplicable. The former owner's daughter, Edel Isager, believed that it has to do with a light phenomenon - an echo from the past. A Norwegian clairvoyant has also seen the young lady dressed in party clothes.  


No one has so far been disturbed by the spirits. The guests can sleep safely in the canopy beds. However, we recommend you to drink a double cognac before bed, just to make sure that you won't be disturbed. 


During one of the Swedish wars, the enemy ravaged and plundered Hanherred. The owner decided to take his gold to a safe place, unfortunately, the boat sank and the treasure hasn't been found since.   


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